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Your Mom-Tech holds up extremely well to normal wear and tear. I only bought two pairs of socks when I found out about your brand from my friend who wanted to wear them to protect her legs during her pregnancy. I wear them on alternate days.

With your brand, I find that I don’t need to replace them as often. Do they still have a good compression value?

Lisa Clark



I am a police officer with the OPP. I wear the Force-Tech socks every day. They are strong enough to contain lots of swelling. I love them!  With my job, my feet normally swell and I was worried about the damage that I was causing to my vein system by doing my job, which I love.

Name Withheld by Request



Your high tech, OMNI-TECH material looks great and is great for wearing while engaging in sports activities. I wear the Active-Techs during my morning jog and my feet feel cool and comfortable in them. I also wear the Career-Techs when my wear my Holt Renfrew suit. They are my high-end socks that I wear when I need to look good and fashionable because they never get a run and they always look neat and perfect.

Jacqueline Hamilton



I am very happy with how practical and comfortable your socks are. They are easy to put on, and so comfortable that I don’t want to remove them at the end of the day. What I like most is that I don’t feel any skin irritation…

Karen Levi



I have to wear gradient compression socks forever due to varicose ulcers and poor circulation. I learned out about your socks from your magazine advertisement. I am so happy with them. Let’s face it, compression socks are supposed to be tight on the legs and no one truly likes to wear them. But your material makes them so comfortable to wear. Also, they wear well. My socks are 6 months old and still have a lot of wear in them. I have purchased other brands in the past and had runs in them within the first month.

Jean Tremblay

Your gradient compression socks are awesome. After years of struggling with other brands which are uncomfortable, I am so happy to have found Zoomer-Tech. My feet feel cool instead of hot and uncomfortable.

John Watson

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