DVT at age 38

DVT at Age 38, Stacy now Wears Gradient Compression Stockings During Long Periods of Sitting or Standing




















Pulmonary Embolism and DVT at age 38 -

Stacy now Wears Gradient Compression Stockings during long periods of sitting or standing

Stacy, 38 years old and mom to a young girl, was recently diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and a DVT.

A week before her diagnosis, she flew from Toronto to Mexico.

Speaking about her ordeal, she states; “I am happy to be alive and take flying very seriously now. I still fly but I listen to prudent advice and take precautions.”

She continues: “I now do leg exercises during my flight, I always wear gradient compression socks, each time I board an airplane and I abstain from alcohol”

“I thought that DVT’s happened to old people. When I was pregnant with Valerie, I attended a Mother To Be & Natural Baby Expo in Woodbridge, Ontario where I was approached by a fitter to try wearing medical stockings.”

“At the time, I told her that I was fine and didn’t need compression stockings. If only I knew the importance of wearing them… I even had medical insurance coverage for them, at the time.”

I really want everyone to know about the importance of wearing gradient compression socks when flying but also when sitting or standing in the same spot for a long time. If it can help minimize the risks of getting a DVT, why not do it?


28 Year old Bride-to-be Dies following a devastating DVT

Bank worker Jenna Morris, 28, collapsed after deep vein thrombosis developed in her leg and moved to her lungs.

She had complained of shooting pains in her legs just hours before.

Her sister, Suzanne, said:” People should be aware because it (the blood clot) could happen to anyone.”

Sources: Jaya Narain, The Daily Mail, April/2010

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