Therapeutic Gradient Compression Socks and Stockings

LAVita Medical Socks and Stockings have one of the most stringent quality control systems in the industry.


The industry’s revolutionary fibre and knit technology; Omni-Tech gives your legs Energizing support and comfort.

LAVita Medical socks and stockings have undergone clinical studies to determine quality specifications. The highest quality standards are the basis of LA Vita Medical’s success.

Knitted medical socks and stockings, used for the treatment of venous diseases must perform in a precise manner when prescribed by a physician and during repeated wear cycles.

The raw materials must be of top quality and the design of the sock and stocking must take into account human physical anatomy to perform its function of gradual compression up the leg, given specific size parameters.

With daily use, knitted socks and stockings are applied with a multitude of complex and multidirectional stresses. Our fabric behaviour was tested repeatedly for its capacity and wear strength in three directions (course, wale and bias).

This scientific analysis confirmed that the LAVita Medical sock is a quality product that retains its designated gradient compression, even after repeated wash and wear cycles.

Vitality For Your Legs Equals Vitality for Your Quality Of Life with LA Vita Medical’s Omni-Tech System.



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