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Men’s Tech Therapeutic Gradient Compression Socks

Men’s Tech Therapeutic Gradient Compression Socks

Men’s-Tech Therapeutic Graduated Compression Socks have been designed to be worn in all work and play activities. They are the most doctor prescribed sock to be worn daily, replacing all socks that constrict blood flow.

Men’s-Tech are effective in that they act like a second skin, squeezing blood from the surface veins back into the deep veins and they help push blood back up to the heart.  Men’s-Tech Therapeutic Gradient Compression Socks target the lower legs, boosting the action of the calf muscles. 

They target your lower legs to counteract the effects of gravity.  Gravity pushes blood into the lower legs. Men’s Tech Socks are a key tool to aid in the pushing of blood up the legs and thereby maintaining leg health and long term mobility.

Men’s-Tech act like a second heart by pumping blood around the body. Wearing them changes the way your blood flows, helping your body to be more efficient.

They will help your body counteract the strains of a long day, standing, sitting, walking or exercising.

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