Our Giving

Access to Affordable Prescription Therapeutic Gradient Compression Socks for ALL!

Making doctor prescribed gradient compression socks more affordable for retired and unemployed citizens is our priority!

Medical equipment costs are a problem for many retired individuals.

Most people have some type of prescription drug coverage through employer-sponsored or privately purchased supplemental insurance. However, for many, this coverage is expensive and unstable. One-third of people remain without any coverage. These people have high out-of-pocket drug expenditures, and those on modest incomes tend to forgo necessary therapeutic gradient compression socks.

LA Vita Medical offers discount cards to seniors for company products. This is our way of subsidizing supplemental insurance policies that will partially cover medical socks.

Our system allows seniors to purchase doctor prescribed, therapeutic gradient compression socks at a reduced cost.

Ask your local pharmacy for details on how you can start saving today with LA Vita Medical products.


LA Vita Medical supports community-based programs that improve health and well-being.

Together with our partners, we are helping people enjoy a better quality of life. We are supporting doctors, nurses and local leaders as they work to provide the best medical care to their people. And we are educating communities on how to live a better quality of life today and in the future.

Our community partners show us where our giving can help the most. We listen to them and we learn from them so that the programs we support make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

The desire to make people healthier is at the heart of our Company’s giving.


Our philanthropic work enables outstanding partners and dedicated employees to touch the lives of many people each day, bringing healthier lives.

LA Vita Medical takes a leadership role in contributing to worthwhile causes. Based in Toronto, the Corporate Contributions Committee sets overall philanthropy strategy and directions for LA Vita Medical’s contributions. They support our pre-set key initiatives.

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