Passion about Work is a Valuable Trait at LA Vita Medical

Application Process

LA Vita Medical is known for the high level of commitment and caring that employees bring to their work for customers, to their professions, and to their teams.

Our culture is interconnected with the shared values of Our Credo. It helps employees achieve at work and recognizes that family life at home is also important. It encourages employees to offer services to their communities.

As our company grows and evolves, we remain dedicated to maintaining a dynamic and inclusive work environment. We value the individual talent that comprises this company and are committed to equal opportunities for each employee’s advancement.

Being passionate about your work is an important factor in finding a job with us. Having the ability and desire to drive your own career forward will be critical to your success with us.

We offer many exciting career opportunities and are always searching for the most talented people to join our team. Several geographic territories across Canada are regularly expanding their boundaries. Employment opportunities for experienced candidates occur continuously as new jobs become available.

Our compensation and benefits programs help ensure that your achievement is seen and rewarded in the way that matters to you.


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