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Travel Is Essential for Brain Development 2

Celebrating Life, Love & Triumphs 2

Mother To Be & Natural Baby Expo Franchises For Sale 3

Healthier Mother To Be 4

Medical Compression Stockings; Comfortable, Stylish and Durable 6

Leg Life 7

Compression Stockings are Important for Leg Life 9

How to Save a Choking Child 10

The Quality Of Life Omnimedia Award of Excellence 15

The Teacher’s Guide; Helping Your Child Have a Successful School Year 16

Chris & Anthony’s Travel Adventure; Experience the Magic of Walt Disney World 18

W5H Top Kids; Quiz Club 22

What Will You Celebrate? The top 5 family celebrations 23

The Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World 27

Good Reigns Triumphant 28

Children The Challenge – Virtue Triumphs over Evil; Teaching Morality 29

Health At Home 33

Go Green Tips 35

Quick, Healthy & Delicious; Classic Omelet, Simple & Healthy

Chicken Soup, doughnuts, Veal Rib Chops, Scalloped Potatoes 38-42

Parent Challenge; Get Your Kids to Clean Up 43

Uncovering The Champion Inside 46

Lighter Legs with Medical Support Stockings 47

Healthy Family 48

Environmental Stewardship; Scientific Inquiry 51

Experimenting with Oil Spill Clean-up 54

Celebrating Life, Love & Triumphs 55


Parents & Kids Magazine



Practical, reference for the modern family

Fun, stimulating activities families do together

Guide for the safest, newest, tested products and services



Family events and vacations

State of the art products and services


Family Wellness Models

Parenting advice; using an interactive and hands on approach to learning the skills necessary for a high quality of life

Canada’s Premier Pregnancy and Parenting e magazine

Celebrating the joy of parenting

Pregnancy, childbirth & your child’s stages of development

Setting a New Standard

Responding to society’s higher parenting standards

Providing the marketplace with premium products and services

Fun together

Kids love the activities

Celebrating the joy of parenting

Kids are empowered and inspired

Easy step-by-step activities to educate your whole child

Easy parenting

Strengthening the parent/child relationship

Your Child is Special – Strategies for success!

Every child is born with unique needs relating to his or her unique ability and behaviour characteristics. This is one reason why more than one million parents turn to Parents and Kids Magazine for advice and support from doctors, educators and parents. Moms and dads will find everything they need to know to raise healthy, well adjusted kids in this essential guide magazine. This premier electronic magazine will also provide them with coping strategies and a multitude of ideas for family activities, vacations and improving family quality of life. Modern mom wants tips on how to optimize family life, lovingly manage children and work, and efficiently do it all.

Mothers, Fathers and Educators Read Parents & Kids Magazine

That’s why Parents & Kids Magazine’s core market—including mothers, fathers, educators and businesses turn to Parents & Kids Magazine for its answers. There is only one way to access the decision-makers who rely on the expertise needed for parenting their children—Parents & Kids Magazine!

Environmentally Friendly / Delivering Most Current News

Benefiting from its paperless publishing format, Parents & Kids Magazine is able to be the first to provide the most current news and new product releases, while always respecting the environment.


Team of Experts

Each issue contains in-depth feature articles written by experts in the field as well as regular columns on behaviour intelligence tactics, understanding physical, emotional and intellectual growth, development and more. Users have their say through regular columns. Magazine readers are also covered in customer case studies and profiles.





Canadian authority


Readership Profile

Parents & Kids Magazine’s solutions-oriented, authoritative voice delivers quality to a targeted audience of adult females, aged 28 – 45 years of age, possessing a college, university or post-grad education.

Educating, Informing, Facilitating since 1991

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