Fitter Certification Course

Fitter Certification Course Description

The LA VITA MEDICAL fitter course is designed to provide the fitter of therapeutic gradient compression socks with the needed medical knowledge to safely measure, fit and select the appropriate product for patients with veno-lymphatic disorders.


Circulatory anatomy and physiology

Venous and lymphatic disorders

LA VITA Medical product overview

Hands-on measuring and fitting session on therapeutic gradient compression socks,

Physician prescriptions

Participants will Learn how to:

Understand the venous system and related conditions

Correctly use LA VITA MEDICAL therapeutic gradient compression stockings in the treatment of venous disorders

Match the correct LA VITA MEDICAL product to the patient’s needs and preference based on the physician’s prescription

Understand the measuring and fitting of LA VITA MEDICAL products

Use easy, effective sales, marketing and promotion strategies!

Successful Completion of Fitter Certification Course

After the successful completion of the full day course a ‘Fitter Certificate of Achievement’ is awarded to participants who meet the requirements for successful completion, as follows: Attendance at all sessions, Completion of the required hands-on fittings portion of the course, Successful completion of the written examination.

Course Dates and Locations

Toronto: October/2011 May/2012

Calgary: October/2011 May/2012

Edmonton: October/2011 May/2012

Vancouver: October/2011 May/2012


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